Kimono for the bottle as well.

Items that turn everyday life with alcohol into an extraordinary experience.

Kimono craftsman SAYOKO has paid particular attention to the selection of fabrics for this authentic kimono. The kimono is made of two layers of kimono, a long obi, an obi, a half collar, and other details. The entire piece is made to be plump and will cover your favorite bottle with care. The layered kimono creates a gorgeous effect.

Red, a brightening color

The ground pattern of chrysanthemums (petals are layered) on delaine fabric.
The pattern inside the crane pattern is by Hikita Kanoko (written on the picture, not by shibori)
Crane means not only beauty but also longevity.

Blue,a crisp color

White horse, helmet, arrow, pine tree Design
The helmet protects from evil and misfortune
Arrows ward off evil spirits
Pine trees are considered lucky trees

Black,a dignified color

Chirimen Fabric A silk fabric with a fine surface texture. It is woven in plain weave using untwisted raw threads for the warp and strongly twisted raw threads for the weft, then boiled in a soapy solution mixed with soda to shrink it, and then scoured.