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Add Wa Select Gift Set

Add Wa Select Gift Set

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Everyone desires a product that includes everything they want! However, generally available "assortments" consist only of items selected from that manufacturer (store). It's understandable. Who will manage the inventory? Who will receive and dispatch orders? The complexity and difficulty of operations become significant challenges. Since everyone wants to focus on their own products and business, there's no choice. That's why we've turned your wishes into reality.

Add Wa! TOKYO's members have carefully curated a selection of products to deliver to all of you!

This time, we've teamed up with:

◆ Hasegane Kin Honden The established manufacturer of Hana Katsuobushi in Meiji, located in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa (Okaka Soft, Edible Small Fish, Dashi Packs of Bonito and Mackerel)

◆ Sogimiya Nori Co., Ltd. A seaweed wholesaler founded in 1950 in Shonan Hiratsuka (Roasted Seaweed, Aomaze, Ariake-produced Kizunori, Nori Keeper)

◆ Arima Japan Co., Ltd. Wholesaler of salt from around the world (Mongolian Rock Salt)

◆ Kaisanbutsu Matsumura Co., Ltd. Food manufacturing, processing, wholesaling, and retailing focused on seaweed products from Izumo (Takikomi Wakame)

◆ Shirai Seichaen Located in Ito City, Shizuoka, engaged in tea production, manufacturing, and sales (Genmaicha Hojicha)

Thanks to their support for the Add Wa! TOKYO concept, we've created a dreamy assortment of 9 products, the "Selfish" Assortment set!


Dreamy 9-product "Selfish" Assortment Set Contents:

Hasegane Kin Honden
① Okaka Soft: 33g
② Edible Small Fish: 70g
➂ Dashi Packs of Bonito and Mackerel: 5g x 10 packs

Sogimiya Nori Co., Ltd.
④ Ariake-produced Kizunori: 10 sheets
⑤ Roasted Seaweed Aomaze: 40 sheets (equivalent to 10 sheets of nori)
⑥ Nori Keeper × 1 Approximately 24x28cm

Arima Japan Co., Ltd.
⑦ Mongolian Rock Salt: 150gKaisanbutsu Matsumura Co., Ltd.
⑧ Takikomi Wakame: 80g

Shirai Seichaen
⑨ Genmaicha Hojicha: 150g


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