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Useful Santoku knife Kakusaburo

Useful Santoku knife Kakusaburo

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Tokyo, Kappabashi

Matsui Hamono, a blade wholesaler established in 1932, is currently run by the third generation owner, Shigeki Matsui. Born into a family of knife makers, he had been living with knives since birth. By the age of three, he was already going in and out of the warehouse of a store filled with numerous knives, where he became friends with them. Day after day, he conversed with the knives and eventually became so knowledgeable about them (in his own words) that he could discern their quality at a glance. It is this Matsui who confidently recommends the "santoku knife"!

The "santoku" in santoku knife means "three uses", and it is an incredibly versatile knife that can handle a wide variety of materials such as meat, fish, and vegetables, with various cutting styles.

There are really so many types of knives out there, such as the santoku knife, gyuto knife, petty knife, deba knife, nakiri knife, Chinese cleaver, sashimi knife, bread knife, and many others. It's best to use them according to their intended purpose, but it can be difficult to keep so many knives and know when to use each one!

If you're looking for a solution to this problem, we recommend the "santoku knife", which can do a variety of tasks with just one knife!

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High carbon stainless steel and high corrosion resistant stainless steel, Handle - ebony and reinforced plastic

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Total length 32 cm Cosmetic box size: 35.3 cm (length) x 7.2 cm (width) x 2.7 cm (height).

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